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25 Nov

Unique Things For Honeymoon Couples To Do In Phuket

Phuket is one of the most beautiful islands that exist in the world. Being a rain forested island, it has most of Thailand’s renowned beaches situated along the shire area. This island is well known for the peculiar spas, restaurants and seaside resorts, most of which have a very scenic view. Phuket can easily be considered as one of the most wonderful beach destinations that tourists can visit all around the year. The island is one of the best honeymoon destinations to spend quality time and to enjoy the scenic beauty. Being a mountainous rain forested island, one can find brilliant seaside resorts, spa, and restaurants that would suit the honeymoon couple the best.

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Scenic Beauty Of Phuket

There are a handful of unique things that honeymoon couples can enjoy while they visit Phuket. Couples desiring for a perfect romantic honeymoon vacation must not miss the spa or the candlelight dinner by the sea. One can find plenty of seaside resorts with enormous facilities that would make the stay the most memorable for the honeymoon couple. Added to these, the honeymoon couple must definitely witness the amazing Phang Nga bay which would be a treat to their eyes. Along with this, one can enjoy the sunset cruise. At Phuket, there are many interesting adventurous activities that one can try like the Kayaking during starlight which would be once in a lifetime experience for the couple.

It is very important that the honeymoon couple reserve the right hotel which is located in the prime area and is quite near to the famous attractions of the city. In addition, it is recommended that couples reserve a hotel that has a wonderful scenic beach view which is quite common in Phuket and this must never be compromised. Katina Hotel is one such hotel where the couples can find scenically located guest rooms with a vast range of facilities along with decorated swimming pools resulting in a vibrant atmosphere. In addition, the hotel also provides some of the breathtaking cuisines that belong to different origins. The massage room would be of great benefit to people who visit the hotel

Unique Things To Do In Phuket

One of the best ways for the honeymoon couple to spend time is to enjoy a romantic dinner by the sea. In Phuket, you can find many hotels that would offer you scenic views along with enormous excellent facilities. One such hotel is the Katina Hotel that provides many customizable facilities to cater to your needs. Honeymoon couples should never miss the Phang Nga cruise along with the giant limestone during the sunset. It would be a thoroughly phenomenal experience. Honeymoon couples must go snorkeling and try island hopping. Couples can opt for a private speedboat and travel from island to island and take some short snorkeling breaks

Another interesting activity to try out while at Phuket is diving. Honeymoon couples can go diving together, it would be a splendid experience for the couples to dive into the clear waters at Phuket. Dive center at Phuket is renowned for offering the Discover Scuba Diving and the best part is that couples can do diving with great safety and do not require practice or expertise. In addition, the couples can also enjoy walking on the deserted beaches enjoying the scenic beach views. Phuket would be an excellent choice of place for the honeymoon couples to spend quality time trying out different activities and enjoying the scenic sea-side views. It is recommended that the couple decide the list of adventurous activities to try, the hotel to stay and other recreational ideas well in advanced before reaching this wonderful honeymoon destination.

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