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Katina Hotel In Phuket

A visit to Phuket in Thailand is certainly worthwhile. For many years, this part of the world has been a safe haven for many people who want to ward off the mundane activities of life. There are numerous reasons that can account for this. First of all, it has an awesome weather pattern which is perfect for a wide range of memorable activities ranging from late night walks, relaxation, camping and eating out. Furthermore, Phuket receives many ocean breezes during the night which make the weather tantalizing, especially during the summer. There is a lot more that the island has to offer aside from its natural beauty and splendor coupled with a friendly neighborhood. This is the home of the islands Ko Yao Yai and Ko Ko He, which are home to many tourist attractions.

Hotel Katina Facilities

Hotel Katina Facilities

Which Phuket Hotel Should You Book?

Based on the information above, it is clear that a visit to Phuket is certainly a perfect idea. Not surprising, the province boasts many hotels and resorts. But, it is usually a perfect idea to book in at Katina Hotel. Most importantly, their accommodation facilities are state-of-the-art. This is one attribute that separates it from all the other hotels that are situated within Phuket province. In case you are finding it hard to believe that booking Katina Hotel in Phuket is a great idea, the following are some of the reasons that can help you to understand this. After reading this, you should have no reason to shrug off the idea to book Katina Hotel.

Beautiful Surroundings

Katina Hotel is arguably one of the most beautiful hotels in the region thanks to its vast, breathtakingly alluring surroundings characterized by colorful gardens and unique choices of paving stones. You can lie on the lawns to refresh yourself while enjoying the scenic beauty of the environment. What is interesting to point out is the fact that most of the rooms that the hotel offers actually enable guests to view the sunrise and sunset without interruption. Like the surroundings, the rooms are also scenically located.

Interior Décor Of The Rooms

Hotel Katina Rooms

Hotel Katina Rooms

If you want to book a hotel whose rooms are stunningly beautiful in all respects, Katina Hotel is the right one for you. It features rooms which are adorned with various decorative elements. The interior design is unique in all respects, combining both traditional and contemporary décor ideas. What is interesting to note about the rooms is the fact that the elegance extends to all the rooms, including bathrooms and bedrooms. The bathrooms even have modern bathroom vanities and features mirrors and chests of drawers.

The Cleanliness Of The Rooms

The rooms in the hotel are very clean. Thanks to the cleaners who are always making sure that all the dirt in the guest rooms is removed as often as the need arises, the hotel is one of the cleanest in Phuket province. The cleaners use the latest cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, mopping equipment and auto-dryers to get rid of the most stubborn dirt, thus maintaining the sanitation and elegance of the rooms. Ecofriendly but reliable cleaning materials are always used. Cleaning of the rooms is done twice a week in order to maintain the highest cleanliness standards. When you book Katina Hotel, you will certainly be impressed with the neatness of the rooms.

Interior Space

For purposes of convenience, each of the rooms is associated with a large interior space. Guests can enjoy the freshness of the rooms at all times. This is especially important to guests who book in pairs.

Presence Of Various Facilities

All the accommodation facilities that the hotel boasts of feature a wide range of hotel facilities which have been incorporated for purposes of making the guests feel at home. There are air conditioners in each and every room that the hotel offers. Guests can make themselves comfortable as often as the need arises by setting the room temperatures based on their personal requirements. There is also internet, which is accessible to all the guests irrespective of the guestroom they have booked. Each of the rooms has high-quality bedding which is washed and dried twice a week. Every guest can also enjoy watching television or listening to music thanks to the television set and sound system which is present in each of the guestrooms.