5/61 Sakdidaj Road, Mueang Phuket, 83000, Thailand

Our Specialties

There is a wealth of specialties that Katina Hotel is renowned for. You can get whatever service you are looking for if you book into this hotel. What is interesting to note is the fact that the specialties the hotel offers are all spectacular in nature. They are tailored to satisfy all guests irrespective of their personal backgrounds. Here is a look at some of the most notable examples of specialties that the hotel is renowned for.


Conference Hall In Hotel Katina

Conference Hall In Hotel Katina

If you are interested in booking a conference hall, Katina is the best hotel to deal with. The hotel boasts a very expansive conference hall which is capable of hosting dozens of attendants. As many as 500 seated guests can be hosted in the conference hall. It features the latest air conditioners and elegant decorative elements. Customised interior design is also available to conference hall users who want to extend the elegance of the conference hall to suit their personal décor tastes. The conference hall can host religious events as well as wedding ceremonies among other special events. Even graduation ceremonies can be hosted in the conference hall. This is mainly due to a combination of features such as projectors, elevated platform, suspended speakers and amazing lighting equipment.


Katina Hotel is also capable of hosting parties. Actually, it can host almost all kinds of parties imaginable. This is all thanks to the nature of the hotel’s surroundings and presence of a restaurant and a swimming pool. There is also a bar which serves a wide range of refreshments to keep the party attendants refreshed at all times. The hotel can host various kinds of parties including graduation parties, birthday parties, anniversary parties and several others.

Business Meetings

A good number of business meetings are also held at the hotel’s premises. Business guests often make use of the guest rooms for accommodation and the mini conference halls for their meetings. It is possible to order food of distinct kinds and refreshments from the restaurant, a feature which makes the premises suitable for business meetings.


Seminars are also held at the hotel’s premises. Thanks to the hotel’s large holding capacity, numerous people from different backgrounds can be hosted. There is equipment for sending audio and visual signals, thus making it easy for seminar attendants to benefit from the material being presented. This is made possible by projectors, VGA cables, microphones and high-quality speakers.

Dining Room In Hotel Katina

Dining Room In Hotel Katina

Seminars are often staged in mini conference halls, but they may be hosted in the hotel’s extra-large conference hall depending on the size of the audience.


The hotel is also renowned for serving some of the most appetizing meals that anyone can think of. Thanks to its exceptional restaurant, the hotel is able to satisfy the needs of any kind of guest. All food is served within a reasonable time frame. There is no guest who has ever complained of waiting for an order in a time frame that is unreasonable. All the guests who have eaten in the restaurant have good stories to tell. The meritorious status of the restaurant can also be attributed to the many kinds of meals that the restaurant is able to serve. A vast array of meals ranging from local to international cuisines as well as simple and complex meals can be served. Special local cuisines such as Thai sea food and Thai Suki are also served for guests who are interested. The restaurant is often open on a 24/7 basis for purposes of meeting the needs of the guests. It is also open to members of the general public who want to sample some exceptional local and foreign dishes.