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It is quite easy to book Katina Hotel, based on its streamlined and convenient booking procedure. Guests are actually at liberty to book the hotel from any location in the world. The hotel’s online booking system is tailored to suit the needs of all guests irrespective of their country of origin. You can book your preferred room at any time of the day irrespective of where you. All you have to do is to log onto the hotel’s official website and you will be a few minutes away from booking a room at one of the best hotels in the world.

Other Methods Of Booking A Room At Katina Hotel

There are several other ways of booking a room at Katina Hotel. If you do not wish to use the hotel’s official website, you can also take advantage of the following methods.

Hotel Katina At Your Service

Hotel Katina At Your Service

  • Phone call: you can also book a room at the hotel using your mobile phone or landline. This is another simple but reliable way of booking a room at Katina. All you have to do is to phone the customer care line and clearly state that you wish to book one of the rooms. The attendant will ask for certain details ranging from personal to financial information. Within a time frame as short as 5 minutes, you will have completed your reservation process.
  • SMS: you can also take advantage of the SMS method of booking. At Katina Hotel this is one of the most popular ways to book a room, based on its simplicity and convenience. The method is very straightforward and often recommended if you are booking from within Thailand.

Why Our Reservation Methods Are Trusted

All our reservation methods are trusted based on various reasons. The major reasons that account for this are stated below.

  • Convenient: the methods of booking a room at Katina are convenient and as such they are appreciated by all the guests that have used the hotel’s facilities before.
  • Fast: the booking time can be as short as 5 minutes or even less. This applies to all the booking methods stated earlier.
  • Straightforward: there are no twists and turns that are associated with each of the booking methods indicated earlier. They are simple and straightforward.
  • No hidden charges: when you book using any of the methods that are supported by the hotel, you will not incur any hidden charges. All the transactions are transparent and easy to follow.
  • Cancel anytime: in case the need arises, you are free to cancel anytime. There is no penalty that comes with cancelling the booking.