5/61 Sakdidaj Road, Mueang Phuket, 83000, Thailand

Our Restaurant

Katina Hotel has more to offer than memorable scenically located guest rooms, swimming pools and a tantalizing atmosphere. The hotel is also renowned for its mind- staggering restaurant, which is amazing in all respects. This is the hotel to book if you are interested in sampling some of the most breathtaking meals of your life. Here is a look at some of the reasons why eating from Katina Hotel’s restaurant is a perfect idea.

Food That Is Served

One Of A Kind Chef In Hotel Katina

One Of A Kind Chef In Hotel Katina

All guests that book Katina hotel rooms enjoy unlimited access to mouth-watering foods. The cooking staff is committed to ensuring that all the food that is served meets the highest quality standards as far as being healthy and delicious are concerned. All kinds of meals ranging from simple to complex dishes are saved. You can visit the restaurant for light meals such as burgers and pizzas as well as salads of various kinds. Bigger meals are also prepared, featuring seafood and a wide selection of Thai food. Furthermore, both local and international treats are served. It is entirely up to you to choose the meal that suits your personal tastes. The meals are served according to the specifications of guests. You can choose your own combination of spices, dressings, vinegar and other additives.

Special Thai food is also served for guests who are interested in unique treats. Major examples of Thai foods that are served include Green Papaya salad, Thai Suki and Nam Phrik, among others. A wide range of desserts is also served either before or after a heavy meal. These attributes combined make the restaurant a perfect spot for dinner.

Who Is Served?

Beaf Steak At Hotel Katina

Beaf Steak At Hotel Katina

There are actually several groupings of people that can be served by the restaurant. The atmosphere of the restaurant is perfect for everyone, including individuals, groups and even couples. This is mainly because a wide range of meals can be served to suit the preferences of any kind of guest, irrespective of country or background. Since international treats such as Italian Antipasta, Mexican chilli Pizza and Japanese Sushi are also served, guests from all countries can enjoy visiting the restaurant. You can drag your whole family along or simply enjoy sampling treats with your loved one.

High Health Standards

Katina Hotel restaurant serves food which is healthy. The chefs at the restaurant are conscious of the need to adhere to the highest health standards. It is the policy of the hotel to make sure that all food that is served meets the accepted global standards. Therefore, you cannot expect to eat poisonous food or food that is not safe for consumption.

Food Served Within A Short Time Frame

One of the most impressive attributes of Katina Hotel is the value placed on the timely delivery of ordered meals. Even the most complicated meals are served within a short time frame. It does not matter if you have ordered a pizza, sushi or Greek salad, it will all be served within a short period of time. The hotel’s respect for time is one of the major reasons why the restaurant remains one of the best in Phuket.