5/61 Sakdidaj Road, Mueang Phuket, 83000, Thailand

About US

Katina Hotel is a five star hotel situated in Phuket province. It is one of the best hotels in the province and boasts of many unique attributes that separate it from all the hotels in the province. Ever since our inception, we have worked tirelessly to satisfy the needs of guests from all walks of life and personal backgrounds. Not surprising, Katina Hotel has been on the receiving end of a wide range of distinguished awards on a yearly basis. There are many reasons why we have continued to remain on top of the hotel industry in the province as highlighted further in the passage.


The Uniqueness Of Our Restaurant

Our restaurant is certainly distinct from all the hotel restaurants that are operating within the province. There are numerous features that distinguish it from all the other restaurants in existence within the boundaries of the province. First of all, its wide selection of meals is certainly exceptional. There is barely any choice of local and foreign meals that the restaurant cannot serve. Furthermore, all food is served within a short time frame upon order. All guests are satisfied by the timely delivery of orders.

Great Combination Of Specialties

Our hotel is the only one which is capable of delivering on the promise of serving guests in an exceptional manner. This is all thanks to its great combination of specialties. It provides room for wedding ceremonies, parties, business meetings, seminars and a variety of religious gatherings. This is all thanks to the hotel’s expansive conference halls and collection of a vast selection of electronic equipment for the delivery of audio and visual signals of exceptional quality.

Exceedingly Alluring Beauty And Splendor Of Interior And Exterior Surroundings

The hotel has premises whose beauty cannot be equaled. It is by far one of the most beautiful choices of hotels that are located within the borders of Phuket. This is mainly because of the great combination of both interior and exterior décor ideas. The hotel features interior décor ideas which have been created by some of the most gifted interior designers on earth. This is extended to all the rooms including guest rooms, the reception area and even the kitchen. There is no room which has been left untouched. On the other hand, the exterior surroundings have been landscaped and paved in strategic places for purposes of convenience and for extending the beauty of the hotel’s exterior. There are also lighting patterns which are stunningly combined for purposes of taking the beauty of the hotel to higher levels.


Scenically Located

When you book Katina Hotel for the first time, you will certainly be amazed by the hotel’s scenic location. It is one of the most scenically located hotels in the province, enabling guests to have a perfect view of some of the most beautiful features of the province. You can get a good view of some of the islands as well as sandy beaches. It is also a perfect spot for viewing sunsets and sunrises. Guests can also enjoy the scenic element of the hotel from their rooms.

Why It Is Worth Giving Us A TryA Pool Inside Katina Hotel

In case you are having issues with believing that Katina Hotel is the only hotel that is worth booking in the Phuket, consider the following reasons.

High level of experience: we pride ourselves as being one of the oldest hotels in the province. We have been in existence for a long period of time, a feat which has enabled us to deliver stunningly exceptional services to guests from all parts of the world.  

Many awards: we boast of a wide collection of awards. What is worth mentioning is the fact that all the awards we have received have been awarded by highly reputable awarding bodies recognized both nationally and internationally. This explains why we have been the holders of the “Best Phuket province award” for the past five years in a row.

Amazing customer reviews: we do not just boast about being the best hotel in Phuket province. Rather, our customers also speak on our behalf. There are many customer reviews that are available online. All of them attest to our eminence in the hotel industry. You should not be surprised to learn that we have no negative reviews.