5/61 Sakdidaj Road, Mueang Phuket, 83000, Thailand

Customers Speak

Ever since the day it opened its doors to members of the general public, Katina Hotel has been on the receiving end of countless accolades, courtesy of its former guests. This is not surprising considering that the hotel has been able to meet the needs of its guests in spectacular fashion. Customers speak about a number of attributes of the hotel which make it worth booking. This is what customers say about the hotel and why it is worth booking.

Breathtaking Meals Of All Kinds

There are numerous custo

The Best Dining At Hotel Katina

The Best Dining At Hotel Katina

mers who have been left with no choice but to attest to the breath taking nature of the meals that are served by the hotel’s restaurant. A good number of guests have not held themselves back from recounting their memorable experiences following the enjoyment of the dishes served by the hotel’s restaurant. Major examples of reviews are indicated below.

Talia from Italy; “I enjoyed the meals, they prepared my favorite Italian dish Panzenella in a perfect manner. There is definitely no way I will forget this place.”

John from England; “I liked the Pizza, it was nothing like I have ever tasted before. I will definitely make a return trip to this place in the near future.”

Brendon from the USA; “I enjoyed their selection of Thai food especially Nam Phrik and Thai Suki. It was prepared and served in manner that is unique. I will definitely book this hotel again.”

Interior Décor Of All Guestrooms

The interior design of the guestrooms is modern and unique in every respect. It includes the combination of various décor elements ranging from wallpaper, color and sculpture work, along with a touch of unique lighting effects. These are guestrooms that are designed to make guests feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the course of their stay.

The Beauty Of The Surroundings

Best Chef At Hotel Katina

Best Chef At Hotel Katina

The moment you enter the premises of the hotel, you will be blown away by the beauty and splendor that it boasts. This is arguably the most elegant hotel as far as architectural design and the beauty of the surroundings are concerned.

James from the USA; “Their surroundings are beautiful, I used to enjoy sitting on the lawns while reading a book, the feeling was always sensational.”

Thomas from the UK; “The experience was refreshing thanks to the alluring nature of the surroundings, I enjoyed the photo shoot on those beautiful lawns and gardens. Without any doubt, I will book Katina hotel again.”

A Wide Range Of Services

Katina Hotel is able to offer a wide range of hotel services aimed at satisfying all guests. There is a vast array of services which are offered to guests depending on their preferences. Some of notable examples of room services include the cleaning of guestrooms twice a day, washing and ironing of clothes once a week, laundry services for bedding and serving breakfast every morning. A number of guests who had enjoyed the hotel’s services could not hold themselves back from saying something.

Tom from the USA; “I enjoyed the breakfast that I was served every morning. It was brought right to my room every morning. The experience was amazing.”

Jennifer from the USA; “I enjoyed my time there. My clothes were washed and ironed as I sat down waiting and enjoying my rest. The experience was exceedingly phenomenal.”