5/61 Sakdidaj Road, Mueang Phuket, 83000, Thailand

Why Choose Us

Katina Hotel remains one of the most attractive hotels in Phuket province. That it is one of the most popular and famous hotels in the region, is not surprising based on the numerous attractive attributes that are associated with it. Some of the major reasons why booking the hotel is a great idea are highlighted in the passages below.

Perfect Location

Perfect For Relaxation At Hotel Katina

Perfect For Relaxation At Hotel Katina

Katina Hotel’s perfect location accounts for its attractiveness. The hotel is located near some of the most beautiful sandy beaches. This is the hotel to book if you plan to spend a great deal of time visiting the sandy beaches and enjoying the tantalizing atmosphere that characterizes them. The region is actually home to over 30 beaches, which are renowned for pulling huge crowds. Notable examples worth mentioning are Patong Beach and Paradise Beach, which remain two of the most alluring sandy beaches in the area. The hotel’s proximity to Phuket’s international airport also makes it worth booking. You can easily access the airport by means of a taxi or car rental. There are also many shopping stores which stock a variety of products.

State-Of-The-Art Accommodation Facilities

The accommodation facilities that the hotel boasts of are state-of-the-art. They feature modern décor ideas pieced together by iconic figures of the interior design fraternity. The rooms are cleaned on a frequent basis and are quite spacious for the comfort of guests.

Mouthwatering Meals

All the meals that are prepared by the hotel’s restaurant meet the highest standards as far as taste and nutrition are concerned. Furthermore, a wide selection of meals is served ranging from local Thai foods such as Thai Suki, to international treats such as Mexican chilli pizza.

Exceedingly Alluring Interior And Exterior Décor

It is not only the interior of the hotel rooms that has been given a unique touch of elegance. Rather, the exterior is also adorned with a number of decorative features ranging from paving stones, a great variety of flowers, water fountains, concrete sealer, marble, granite and mind-staggering lighting patterns. There are also sculptural work along with wall art which are combined to extend the elegance of the hotel to superior heights.

Extra Services

The hotel also offers guests a chance to enjoy extra services, which they would normally only access at distant locations. Major examples of such services include massages, manicure, hair dressing, laundry and dry cleaning. You may be thrilled to learn that each of these services is offered at mind-blowing charges.